One-on-one teaching sessions that help you understand your dual soul and spirit in relationship to your physical life experiences. In using the daily life experiences of my clients and teaching them to relate their physical experience to their soul lessons, the windows of the mind are opened to growth. Understanding why we behave as we do and how to create change in our daily life releases our fears of inadequacy and inequality. When we recognize the miracle of our dual soul and spirit, we can live the beauty, goodness, and truth of ourselves as happy and motivated humans. Spiritual Tutoring gives us a sense of freedom and equality that inspires us to change our foundation of thinking and our "state of being."


Understanding our three-dimensional energy fields expands the realization of our internal personal power and how we can use our internal power to heal and prevent disease. Learning ISHT is especially helpful to physicians, nurses, counselors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and other health care providers because it expands our conscious awareness of how we create disease and how we can teach others to discover their powers of healing and prevention. ISHT restores hope in diseases where medicine comes face to face with the unknown and death is accepted as the inevitable outcome.

The Art of Internal Spiritual Healing Therapies is not a "miracle healing," but it is an acknowledgement and balancing of the invisible energy of our dual soul and spirit that we can integrate into our healing therapy if we are willing.