The following practitioners have received certificates from Kathy Oddenino (BS, RN), as Spiritual Philosophy Practitioners (SPP) in Spiritual Tutoring, Neural Depolarization, and in teaching Spiritual Philosophy from the Spiritual Philosophy and Science of Life Teachings that Kathy teaches in the purity of ancient Pythagorean tradition.

The certificate acknowledges completion of an intensive five-year program of didactic study with 1628 hours and an energy practicum of 400 hours. The program required an intense focus of the mind, personal responsibility, and a beginning shift in mind focus to complete. These Spiritual Studies and Spiritual Techniques are to be honored as the equality and truth of our Spirit Consciousness supporting the wisdom of the dual soul and physical spirit consciousness growth of the individual with the purity of love to heal and do no harm.

Teaching people to evolve into their unlimited thinking potential as an internal Spirit Consciousness to become happy, healthy, and creative human beings is always my goal of life. When I began teaching Spiritual Philosophy in 1984, I did not know that it could be learned. Now I know that everyone in the world can learn to understand the spiritual energy of themselves, which includes the knowledge that we are self-healing organisms. Those students who were certified in these Spiritual Techniques have learned that they will never stop growing and evolving, because they have learned how much fun it is to think with an open mind and to feel themselves experience the growth and change they are seeking as their unlimited potential. These Spiritual Techniques help people heal themselves. In my 40 years of nursing I learned that medicine does not heal anyone. Our science and technology is only as good as our level of understanding who we are as chemical beings. Without this knowledge, we innocently destroy our Human Design as we experience the causes and effects of symptomatic chemical reactions. During my life I have watched and experienced the Healing Potential of these Spiritual Techniques when the client is also willing to help himself or herself by following the very basic healing guidelines to health and happiness. As others learn and experience these trademarked techniques, we will continue to share the knowledge and services of the Science of Life that supports us in our human evolution as healthy, happy people.

Kathy Bruegging,CSPP,CNDP
Email: kbruegging@gmail.com
Phone 919-742-3174

Kathy has a strong focus on the importance of creating balance as a way of life. Her love of nature and love for the "art of nurturing" ourselves with natural elements of earth support her passion for teaching that it is just as easy to live a healthy lifestyle as it is an unhealthy one. In her thirteen years of studying Spiritual Philosophy as "the science of life" with the Institute of Metaphysical Studies, she has learned and appreciates how people, like nature, are designed to grow and change; and that internal peace and harmony can only be achieved by acquiring the knowledge of self in relationship to nature, earth and the universe. Her practice is focused upon assisting people in self-healing through teaching them how to nurture oneself with knowledge, the simplicity of eating from nature, and the value of having a loving attitude towards life's challenges by developing an internal relationship with ourselves of peace and harmony. Neural Depolarization and Spiritual Tutoring are extremely effective and supportive in this healing process, and NDP is excellent in relieving all forms of pain and discomfort. Kathy invites you to experience the "art of nurturing yoruself" with Neural Depolarization (NDP). It's fantastic for restoring, rejuvenating and creating vitality as a healthy way of life! Office located in Siler City, NC 27344. Call for an appointment.