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The mind is the builder, the body is the result.

To understand the nutrition that is essential for the physical body we need to understand the relationship of the physical body to the mind and the spirit. We as physical bodies are energy. It is the energy of our cellular structure that supplies the energy to be in human form. Our cellular structure is designed to be replenished from the chemicals of Nature, Earth, and the Universe.

Our mind is the builder of that cellular energy. It is the mind that makes the choice of food that we eat and the activity that we involve our bodies in. Once that choice is made by the mind, the body responds by eating and by activity. Knowing that we build what we need, including the presence of disease, can present us with another choice to make. That choice is the choice of health.

Accepting the responsibility for your actions is the first step in BEING
what you want to BE.

The primary function of our body is survival, and our body functions with amazing efficiency, despite the consistent insults that we provide it in our life. All of the physical requirements of the body are Earth elements. If these elements are provided, with the plant material being provided in variety, the body will maintain cellular viability. The structure of the cells determines the function of the cells. What we give the body for the structure of the cells will determine how our body functions. There is no other way. Our responsibility is simple. We must supply the elements of nature that restore and maintain the viability of the cellular structure and function of the physical body.

We are chemical beings, and our health depends upon our accepting the responsibility for evaluating what we choose to eat, drink, and breathe, and how we nurture ourselves as human beings. We must think for ourselves and make choices that enhance our quality of life, our joy of living. As we commit ourselves to living the joy of health, our body cooperates with our mind and we begin our restoration of health. When we have the knowledge to understand our Human Design, we will know how to maintain the structure and function of our body to enjoy living. As we restore ourselves, we will restore Earth as our home.

We need to accept the responsibility for the food that we eat, the thoughts that we think and the dramas that we create.