Neural Depolarization

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Neural Depolarization logoNeural Depolarization™ is Kathy Oddenino’s technique that she uses with clients as a unique spiritual energy to balance the nervous system, stop pain, balance our energy flow, and prevent disease. Kathy was taught this technique by her spirit consciousness when she was a child and learning to heal herself. NDP™ relieves pain and helps with total healing by keeping the chemicals flowing through the nervous system. NDP™ must be used with spiritual and nutritional tutoring to support the physical structure. She is happy to help anyone who wants to explore the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual effects of Spiritual Philosophy, including NDP™, as an integrative therapy in disease and healing. Call us at 919-545-9937 for information, including cost, and to schedule an appointment.

In her consultation, Kathy talks with the client to determine his or her intentions, symptoms, and history, and to explain her integrative approach to healing. Depending upon Kathy's assessment, the client may lie on a table or sit in a chair, as Kathy uses her fingertips to work with the client's own energy and the nerves in the client's body. NDP™ is non-invasive, and requires no manipulation. Kathy requests that clients wear clothing of natural fibers, such as cotton, rather than heavyweight fabrics, or synthetics. These fabrics are easier to work with, and have a different effect on the energy fields. The length of time needed to balance the energy, and the number of sessions suggested, is different for each person.

Throughout our human history, we have studied our design, structure, and function as physical beings. The first written record about the nervous system is said to have been ca. 1700 B.C. Milestones of discovery from these thinking minds have furthered our information about ourselves as living beings.
We have now reached the point in our human evolution where we must open our intellectual mind to understand what it means to be a spiritual human. Our physical external interpretation of our design, structure, and function has kept us from knowing ourselves as a fractal pattern of Nature, Earth, and the Universe. We are whole as a chemical dual soul, spirit, and physical body. We continue to think of ourselves as separate entities that are independent from and must be saved by external sources, including our beliefs themselves. Our nervous system provides the electromagnetic energy to heal our physical body. The relationship of our nervous system to the anatomy, physiology, and physical function of our body can now be understood. Once we can understand this relationship, we can learn the “secret” of Kathy Oddenino’s Basic Energy Healing Techniques. This understanding will allow us to go one step further in our personal and societal healing process by using these Basic Energy Healing Techniques as a non-invasive energy therapy in all diseases of the physical body. When we follow the Basics of Healing and we use Neural Depolarization on a systematic basis, we can keep our physical body balanced and youthful. Neural Depolarization is effective in most forms of disease and pain.

Our internal nervous system provides us with the chemical lifeforce energy that keeps our physical body alive. This electromagnetic energy force runs through our nervous system to keep every cell within our body alive and functioning. When we do not have the proper chemicals, our cells begin to create a distortion of the cell as antimatter. Our lifeforce energy is chemical at its foundation and its job is the constant creation of new and healthy cells. This is why the Basics of Healing that Kathy teaches are important to maintain our life-giving electromagnetic energy through the restoration of the various chemicals that our body needs to reproduce the energy of life and health.

Neural peptides and polypeptides are chains of amino acids flowing through the nervous system as our electromagnetic energy. When we are deficient in any of the chemicals that our body needs, our body will “make do” for a period of time until the depletion can no longer be balanced out with other chemicals. When we reach this stage of nutrient starvation, we become ill with some form of mental, emotional, sensory, or physical disease. The diseases and dis-eases are excesses and deficiencies that are not recognized by medicine because they do not understand the lifeforce energy within the physical cellular matter. Energy has always been a suspect word in medicine, but in reality we use an internal energy constantly just to breathe the air that is essential to life. Our focus on the external physical image of ourselves has kept us from truly understanding the internal image of our spiritual foundation, as our entire chemical nervous system, which gives us our consistent lifeforce energy. We cannot live without our lifeforce energy flowing through at least the primary nervous system of the dual soul and spirit consciousness.

In our ignorance, we separate our concepts of “mental,” “physical,” “emotional,” and “spiritual.” We cannot live without our spiritual foundation. We have not been taught to look at the infinite in terms of the infinite. As spiritual sensory beings, we are created with an infinitely beautiful design as a thinking mind, loving emotions, and spirit senses. What we create, we can heal. As human beings, we are equal in our design. We are created to be self-healing organisms. Spiritual Philosophy offers the knowledge that enables us to heal ourselves and our world.