The Institute of Metaphysical Studies was founded by Kathy Oddenino in 1996, as an expansion of her commitment to teaching Spiritual Philosophy, which began in 1984. Human beings cannot change and grow without Spiritual Philosophy. It is time for us to understand and live the wisdom within us, which philosophers of old understood. Science has identified the DNA as the pattern of life, and we must understand the spiritual interpretation of this information to appreciate how to interpret our eternal life. Kathy teaches Spiritual Philosophy from the truth of science. Knowledge always has a relationship to who we are as human beings to help us move beyond the self-defeating mind-set, beliefs, and behaviors which we continue to live in our world. The Institute of Metaphysical Studies will be the Parthenon for our time, a haven and source of inspiration for true seekers of knowledge, which has the power to shape our society into the first known civilization.

The Institute is committed to creating hope, health, and happiness within the integrated being as we teach Metaphysical Philosophy in its spiritual tradition of understanding our creation and purpose as human beings. Our power of hope, heath, and happiness already exists in the shadow of our mind. It is the intention of the Institute to help students turn on their inner light through knowledge and remove the shadows that have kept all of us living in the illusion of mystery. Knowledge is our light of understanding and it is our spiritual healer.

Knowledge is the basis of our dual soul growth and will be the primary function of the Institute. It is through knowledge that we expand our consciousness of self and discover our power by living our love, truth, and equality. The Institute pledges to focus on the spiritual understanding of the root cause of our negative beliefs that we live as our behaviors when we live in ignorance of who we are as a dual soul mind and emotions and spirit consciousness. It is our goal to teach the total integration of the physical body with our living soul and indwelling spirit. The Institute will provide physical support of natural foods, air, and water to the body as well as the mental and emotional knowledge to guide students who are searching for hope, health, and happiness as a preferred way of living.