The basics of healing our physical body, dual soul and spirit consciousness is not separate at any point in the healing process.  It is always our personal responsibility to live our journey of healing to give ourselves the knowledge of healing that is essential to our dual soul.  The basics of healing can be divided into ten focuses, which gives us the "whole" experience of true healing from the internal to the external.  Each of these basic healing methods must be lived at the same time for healing to occur.
Natural Foods
Beliefs and behaviors
Positive mental focus
Loving emotions
Spirit senses
 If you follow the Basics of Healing, you will live as a happy and healthy person.  Living one basic healing focus at a time will not heal you.  Living all of the basic healing focuses at one time will heal you.  Change is essential to healing yourself and yet change is also one of our most intense fear beliefs.  We equate our fear of change with our fear of death, which keeps us stubbornly refusing to change those parts of our life that would let us live as healthy and happy human beings.  When we change our internal level of consciousness, we change our external physical life.  Living without any internal fear, anger, hate, rage, and control heals our body, our life and our physical world.  When every member of the human species is capable of loving each other, we will have no more disasters in our lives.  We will live happily and for long periods of time without disease and without disasters, because we will have discovered who we are as an Intelligent Design and that our foundation of thinking is the source of our entire physical creation.  When we heal our foundation of thinking, we will heal our physical reality.  Each person has absolute personal responsibility to heal themselves and become part of the collective consciousness of peace, comfort, and love on Earth.